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Hackathon Opening Session

Thursday Oct 26th at 9am PT 

An Introduction to Decentralized Identity with Brian Richter of Aviary Tech

Friday Oct 27th at 9am PT

DIDs, DID Resolution and the Universal Registrar with Markus Sabadello

Wednesday Nov 1st at 9am PT 

An Introduction to the Veramo Javascript Framework with Mircea Nistor

Thursday Nov 2nd at 9am PT

An Intro to the Trinsic SDK and the BBS Signature Scheme with Tomislav  Markovski

Thursday November 2nd at 10am PT

Ontology's ONT ID Challenge

Tuesday November 7th at 8am PT

TBD on the Web5 SDK and Decentralized Web Nodes with Adewale Abati

Wednesday November 8th at 9am PT

Polygon ID's Iden3 Protocol Challenge with Otto Mora

Wednesday November 8th at 10am PT

Intro to DIDComm and the Veramo DIDComm Package with Nick Reynolds

Thursday November 9th at 9am PT