TBD (Block)

Challenge: Build a decentralized web app using Web5.js. We are particularly interested in your use of DWNs. 

Submission Requirements

  • Provide a public URL to your code repository for judging

  • Provide a public URL to the deployed app

  • Include a video (about 3 minutes) that demonstrates your submission. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and made public

See resources page for useful links and tutorials related to TBD

Polygon ID

Challenge:  Build an application that communicates via iden3comm. If the communication is done over NFC or Bluetooth it will have an additional score. Use Cases of this application could be presenting your driver's license to a police or showing that you are over 18 years old when entering into a bar.

To build the application you can use the existing Polygon ID Wallet App, leverage the Polygon ID SDKs for mobile (so that you can create your own wallet app with the Flutter or JS SDK), or any any of the wallets in the Polygon ID ecosystem (such as Altme.io).

Communication via iden3comm is transport agnostic and does not require the usage of https (as other protocols do like OpenID or Oauth). Which is why we are offering extra points to anyone that implements communication over NFC or bluetooth.

Submission Requirements:

  • Ensure to submit a project description, a submission video and add a README to your repository.
  • In your project description, submission video and in your repository’s README file, clearly explain your project and how you are using Polygon ID. If you fail to indicate this, your project may be overlooked by judges.
  • You should not begin any aspect of your project before the hackathon start date. This includes any coding or design related tasks. Your project will be judged solely on the basis of work completed in the duration of the hackathon.
  • You may use open-source libraries in your project once clearly indicated, these include starter kits, templates etc. but you may not use any pre-existing work. Your project has to have began at the start of the hackathon.
  • In order to verify authenticity, all projects must use version control to enable easy tracking of project updates. Any large dumps of files will be flagged as suspicious.
For additional details and links to tutorials on Polygon ID please visit: https://polygontechnology.notion.site/DIF-Hackathon-2023-Polygon-ID-d3b7827c2235492692d9c45d6476d6cd?pvs=4 
Trinsic ID

Challenge:  Build an integration with a valuable data source that gives a user control of their data in the form of a verifiable credential.

A few potential examples:

  • Connect a social network API to issue users a credential with their total number of followers.

  • Instead of Spotify wrapped telling you you’re in the top 1% of listeners for an artist, can you take that data and make it into a verifiable credential so a user can prove it to their favorite artist?

  • Sign a message from a crypto wallet address and get issued a verifiable credential based on having a certain token in your wallet.

  • Have a user complete a survey and get issued a credential based on the results.

  • Connect to a travel account or reviews site to prove that a user has visited certain places.

Submission Requirements

  • Identify a data source, or service that could provide some attestations about a user.

  • Define a verifiable credential template

  • Issue that credential into a user’s wallet.

  • The Trinsic SDK, dashboard and white label wallet can be used to accelerate this process, but we will consider submissions that use other technology stacks.

  • Video recording of your demo showing the data source you’ve integrated, and credential template you’ve defined, and the specific credential being issued into a wallet.

  • Bonus points for creative integrations, compelling use cases and a story to go along with the submission of why this would be valuable

See resources page for useful links and tutorials related to Trinsic


Build a Web3 app using ONT ID. If ONT ID can be applied in an app that solves a real world privacy and data protection problem it will score higher. 

Submission Requirements

  • Provide a one-pager or an intro deck to explain the concept of the app.
  • Provide a public URL to the deployed app.
  • Provide a public URL to your code repository for judging.
  • It is suggested to provide a video (within 2 minutes) that helps explain the usage of the app.

Ontology’s use case for reference: https://ont.io/solutions/

Related documentation and guides can be found at https://ont.id/ and https://docs.ont.io/decentralized-identity-and-data/ontid.